One user can have several blogs for his favorite topics at once.

Block editor

Easy text formatting and content separation.


Markdown editor is the default editor for those wishing to control everything


Load speed, code simplicity, minimum dependencies and minimum JavaScript are the main priorities.

Just a normal wall

No analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or predictions that you're interested in. Just a wall of your friend posts, public posts and posts from the subscribed blogs.

No infinity pages

A simple and longstanding way to separate pages by number and calendar (last coming soon).


No surveillance, we are categorically against user data collection! For the same reason we have no statistics (Google Adsense or Yandex.metrics etc) nothing.

No requests to a 3rd party

All requests for other sites are kept to a minimum. Files are stored on the Digital Ocean. Fonts are downloaded from our servers.

Tor (Onion) network

Blogs on an anonymous network by default. Coming soon.

Open Source

All source codes are available to everyone for analysis. Coming soon.

Public Milestones.

Available development plans for everyone. Coming soon.