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18 July 2020 - official blog by Renat "MpaK" Ibragimov

Hello, everybody!

I want to tell you a little bit about what the MOJO service is about and how you can get an invitation to help you start using MOJO for your notes now and help us make it better.

As I described in the section about the basics of all this blogging, but now I want to make things more free and without peeking.

- Freedom of choice: a user can have many personal blogs on any of his favorite topics: music, personal life, games, hobbies, work, family, travel - on each topic his blog. Simple!

- Freedom from advertising, no tracking of the user and his data, even no statistics!

- Visual editor or markdown, you artistic or hacker, why not combine? Easy!

- No crazy megabyte loads of effects and unnecessary javascript code, everything should be simple and easy!

- In the future we will be in the anonymous Tor (Onion) network and we will definitely open source code.

And now if you want to try this very raw, first version of the platform, then write to me and I will send you an invite for registration.
I will be very glad to any feedback from your side, it will help to make the service even better and simpler.

Thank you.


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